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The Broes Family.

Grave 872, Section 1 (Catholic section) is the grave of Joseph Vernon Broes, who died in 1949. (The headstone was installed in 1991 by the Office of Australian War Graves.) 

Joe was born in Liverpool, England, in 1910, and arrived in Australia on the ship "Borda" in 1925. In 1931, Joe married Alice Alma Jackson of Linton, and they lived with their growing family - they had seven children - on the Mortchup Road just outside of Linton. Joe was a boilermaker by trade, but in Linton worked as a miner and timber cutter. When World War II began, Joe enslisted in the army. He first served in the Middle East, then was later taken P.O.W. at Java after the fall of Singapore in 1942. He was interned in Changi before working on the Burma Railway. At war's end he returned to Australia, and was discharged from the army in December 1945. Joe applied for and was granted a soldier settlement block at Mt Emu Estate near Skipton (Block no. 8). However he experienced deteriorating health, and died at Ballarat on 21 November 1949. His family was not permitted to retain the soldier settlement block, and returned to live in Linton. 

Joe's wife Alice Alma Broes died in 1955, when her youngest son was only eight years old. She is buried in Grave 906 in Section 9 of the cemetery (Presbyterian). The grave has no headstone but is identified by a numerical marker. 

Alice was the fourth child of Samuel Jackson and his wife Alice Florence Jackson, née Ah Lyee. She lived all her life in Linton, where she was born in 1912, and attended Linton State School between 1919 and 1926. Two of the children of Alice and Joe Broes are also buried in the cemetery: 

● Their son Kenneth Broes, born about 1936, died in 1954 age 18. He is buried in Grave 899 in Section 1 of the cemetery. 

● Their daughter Maureen Avis Broes, born in 1933, is buried in Grave 1043, Section 1. Maureen died in 1996.

Information supplied by Linton & District Historical Society.